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Archive | September, 2010

Trevor Simumba – Sep 25,2010

Trevor says “lets discuss Zambian economy and the upcoming polictical campaigns for 2011 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections”. Trevors all those who are interested in Zambia’s affairs, specifically the economy and politics to join in this discussion regardless of political affiliation. This discussion will focuss on issues not personalities.

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Harrison Musonda – Sep 25,2010

What does the phrase ubuchende bwa mwaume tabutoba in’ganda (translated: a man’s adultery does not destroy the marriage) mean? On this culture warrior show Harrison talks about adultery like only he can? What are the roots of this cultural behavior? What about women? Is there a difference between men and women who cheat? According to […]

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Princess Zindie Nyirenda – Sep 18,2010

Princess was the granddaughter of traditional Zambian heritage. She was raised in an elite and privileged environment in Zambia during the country’s booming economy, her life and outlook were bright. She had the best during her formative years, including studying at the only highest institution of learning in her beloved country. When she moved to […]

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Learn Bemba

Bemba Lesson 1

Spread the word, there’s a new source for learning Bemba online! The Bemba language, ChiBemba (also spelled Cibemba, Ichibemba, Icibemba and Chiwemba), is a major Bantu language spoken primarily in north-eastern Zambia by the Bemba people and as a lingua franca by about 18 related ethnic groups, including the Bisa people of Mpika and Lake Bangweulu, and to a lesser extent in Katanga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, and Botswana. According to Lewis, M. […]

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