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Archive | August, 2010

Morning in America – Aug 28,2010

Morning in America takes a look at some of the beliefs that “guide” our daily lives, such as the black cat crossing the road in front of you, the hotel room number 666, sex with someone other than your husband while you are pregnant, plus other pop culture and serious stories as they come.

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Kumbukilani Phiri – Aug 28,2010

Kumbukilani is a twenty-something biofuels expert based in China. He is not only a Zambian professional in the diaspora but also a commercial farmer in Zambia. He recently wrote us, “Last year I did a 40 acres piece of land in Mumbwa and I am happy to say I recorded a total of 450 bags […]

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Richard Mbewe – Aug 21,2010

Will introduce the ZISS website – a Zambian think tank. (Zambia Institute of Strategic Studies) – website. He will also discuss eduation in Zambia: what happened to NorTeC, ZIT, the Trades Schools, the Nursing Schools, the Teacher Training Colleges, the Agricultural Colleges and Evelyn Hone College? What next?

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