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Reasons to Get Married – Jul 31,2010

“Really? Reasons to get married…are there any? Aside from the noisy tick tock of the biological clock, are there really bona fide reasons in this day and age to get married. Apparently, with so many people still doing it – and doing it more than once, marriage is as popular as ever. For every person that gets married there is a different set of guide wires that manipulate this decision. More than likely, few people are truly honest about the fact that the number one reason people get married is because they feel like it is the natural course of events that lead through the gateway to adult hood. Fifty years ago, the average of age of marriage was 16 – 18 years of age. These marriages had a 93% chance of making it till death do us part. For the sake of remaining positive, the figures of today will be withheld, however take a look around your life and do a little math of your own. Not only do we get married older than ever and more times than ever, we also haven’t perfected it after all these years of training.”

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