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Nandell Palmer – Jul 31,2010

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Nandell is the Founder and President of WRITE A BLESSING MEDIA in Seattle, WA, Columnist and author of the motivational book BLESSINGS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. A few years ago he set about on a letter-writing campaign on behalf of his 4th grade teacher, who has made a long lasting impact. “I wanted a letter from every continent – including Antarctica, to help me celebrate this teacher, and the irony is that I received more letters from Antarctica than what I received from Europe and South America combined. Letters brimming with encomiums for Miss Martin poured in from all corners of the globe: Desmond Tutu, Queen Elizabeth, university presidents, senators, governors, and the list goes on. At a surprise breathtaking reception in Kingston, I presented an attractive portfolio with all the letters, embossed, to her, in front some of her colleagues, and former students. You could hear a pin drop,” writes Nandell. In November, 2009, he organized a citywide function, “I Celebrate You” to somewhat continue the Miss Martin legacy on a larger scale for others to be a part of and for them to model the way. “This is an avenue for the community to bring public recognition to their parents, teachers, mentors, etc., who have worked so assiduously over the years to make those persons become the people they have become.” Learn how you can join “I Celebrate You” Zambia in 2011.

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