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Daniel Nsomekela – Jul 17,2010

Daniel has been with the National Christian Organization for the Disabled -NACODI, an NGO operating in Zambia with its Headquarters at University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka for 10 yrs. The organization founded in 2000 was registered in 2003, under the Registrar of Societies. Its main purpose is to co-ordinate, mobilize resources and provide support to individuals with varying constraints of physical and mental disabilities. The Organization is represented with members and mediators in other part of the Country through volunteer agents or mediators (mutual friends). More than 100 NACODI members have already been aided, connected and benefited from the Housing, the initiative of the Habitat for Humanity / Lions Club 413. In 2008, NACODI received a grand donation of 100 Wheelchairs and 50 pairs of Clutches from Joni and Friends of which 30 has been distributed to disabled who reside in the urban areas-(Lusaka) and the other 70 wheelchairs and clutches are await to be sent to rural areas for distributions.

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