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Musaba Chailunga – Jul 03,2010

Zambia Diaspora Connect Chairman Mr. Musaba Chailunga will be joining us from Toronto in Canada to discuss his role in the organisation and his recent visit to Zambia. He will also share with the listeners the main objectives of Zambia Diaspora Connect and why almost each and every Zambian should consider being part of ZDC. He strongly believes that as things stand ZDC is one of the very few Zambian organisations which is not only non political but with a lot of initiatives that can help move Zambians forward in economic terms. He believes it is his role to motivate Zambians since he thinks there is a tremendous gap between what Zambians know and what they should know. Listen to why he thinks Zambia is better now, and the goal to make ZDC a billion dollar organisation within 5 years. Mr. Chailunga’s academic background is business and Information Technology, he works for a leading telecommunications company as Senior Programmer Analyst in Toronto and is the Founder/President of Lwangwa Investments Corporation in Canada a company focusing on direct private investment in the SADC.

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