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Florence Bili – Jun 26,2010

Florence is a Lawyer, a Public Speaker, an Entrepreneur, a Motivator, a Minister and a Fashionista, who believes that all things in life are possible. She talks to us about ‘Making it easy for the Zambians in the Diaspora to go back home’. She will touch on the following issues: a) Understanding why Zambians may be in the diaspora b) Acknowledging that Zambians in the diaspora are part of Zambia and that they are a great contribution to the development of the country. c) Being proactive in engaging with Zambians in the diaspora to find out how they can contribute to the development of Zambia d) Putting a strategy together to entice Zambians back home e) Having a ‘rehabilitation’ program for the returnees f) Embracing the Zambian returnees and making them part of the fabric of Zambia. And providing a forum for them to participate in the development of Zambia.

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