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Charles Sambo MBA – May 22,2010

Charles is the Executive Director of TransAfrica Ventures, a portfolio company which is part of MusaCapital a private equity firm were he is a partner. They have an initial fund of US$50m which is invested mainly in Southern Africa of which TransAfrica Ventures is one investment of US$7m in Zambia. TransAfrica ventures is involved in Mining services of which its the first black Zambian owned company to be awarded the biggest mining services contract to a value of US$70m over three years. A number of projects are in the pipeline within Zambia. Musacapital is a private equity firm with investments in the construction, food, financial and mining industries in Southern Africa. “Our only investment out side Southern Africa is in Argentina were we own InterTrade which is the second largest credit card issuing company in Argentina. You will be pleased to note that we sponsor the Argentina national team,” said Charles.

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