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Solomon Jere PhD – May 08,2010

Solomon Jere, PhD is a lawyer and a respected law enforcement officer who has represented Zambia at various UN sessions including Peacekeeping Operations strategic meetings. He is the Deputy Commissioner of Police heading the Information Communication and Technology for the Zambia Police Force. After obtaining his Master in Law (LLM) degree in 1997 in Australia. He introduced Crisis Negotiation and Despute Resolution concepts to the Zambia Police Force. Two years ago, he introduced the Intellectual Property Unit (IPU) and recently he has been advocating for the formation of the Zambia Police Cyber Security Bureau as a his other contribution to effectively police and safeguard Zambia. He risen to the rank of Police Deputy Commissioner and has acted as the Deputy Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs and also acted as Permanent Secretary for that Ministry. He was also appointed to the helm of the Drug Enforcement Commission where he was an acting Commissioner. A strong Christian believer, he is well known in Europe and Africa as a Gospel Singer. He obtained his PhD in Law from his alma matar University of Technology, Sydney, Australia in 2009.

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