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Princess Kasune Zulu – May 01,2010

Princess Kasune Zulu, is a world-renowned HIV/AIDS advocate, educator and activist. She is the author of a new book called “Warrior Princess,Fighting for Life with Courage and Hope”. She speaks about the HIV/AIDS crisis and its impact on children, women and communities. Since learning her own positive HIV status, Zulu has been a tireless ambassador for others affected and infected by the virus. has met with key Head of states and world leaders calling on them to make a difference. She has been profiled in leading media across the world, including in Good Morning America, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Jet, Ebony, BBC World News, Guardian UK, Canada Sun Times, Irish Independent and ABC (Australia). She hosted Live radio show ” Positive Living” in Zambia for over 5 years. La-Presse Canada named her the Woman of the year 2004 and April 24, 2004 was declared Princess Kasune Zulu Day in Chicago, where Princess currently lives with her husband David, and daughters Joy and Faith Zulu.

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