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Harrison Musonda – Apr 17,2010

Mr. Harrison Musonda has done a research on “Akatemba Chupo and the Use of Love Potion in Modern Marriages” and shares the results of his findings on this show. This Culture Warrior topic covers the following: a). What is Akatemba chupo and how it was used improve marriage relationships? i). Can akatemba chupo be used in modern marriages? ii). Types of old ututemba chupo iii). Modern ututemba chupo. iv). Who is suppose to give akatemba chupo? b). What is love potion and different types of love potion i). Does love potion work? ii). Why use Love potion in modern marriages? iii). Effects of love potion iv). Should modern young families use love potion? v). Is there evidence based practical experiences that these things work for the good or for the bad? vi). Considering that Zambia is Christian Nation, should the use of love potion be encouraged?

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