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Trevor Simumba – Apr 03,2010

Trevor discusses his article “What happened to our great nation?” as Dr. Richard Mbewe reminds him the discussion we had a few months ago concerning the WorldVision magazine article labeling Zambia as one of the 10 countries to fail in 2010. “With the current political situation and the wranglings of the politicians, can we say that World Vision’s forecast was right?” Dr. Mbewe asks.” What about the Economist Intelligence Unit that predicts that RB will win the elections in 2011, and the economy will grow by 6.3%. What are the implications of this? Will peace loving Zambians go into the streets when their voices are silenced? What will RB’s reaction to those calling him names? Will he send the soldiers against the people? Will the soldiers agree? What role is Fr. Bwalya playing? Trevor tells us, “I believe those of us who still love our country and want the best for all Zambians must stand up and speak up, otherwise we can go the way many African countries have sadly gone”.

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