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Census 2010 – Feb 13,2010

“The most important capital a society can have is human capital. Assessing the quantity and quality of this capital at small areas, regional and national levels is an essential component of modern government. Aside from the answer to the question “How many are we?” there is also a need to provide an answer to “Who are we?” in terms of age, sex, education, occupation, economic activity, and other crucial characteristics, as well as to “Where do we live?” in terms of housing, access to water, availability of essential facilities, access to the Internet. The answers to these questions provide a numerical profile of a nation which is sine qua non of evidence-based decision making at all levels, and is indispensable for monitoring universally recognized and internationally adopted Millennium Development Goals.” Will you be counted? We talk to Kambidima Wotela, PhD of the Graduate School of Public and Development Management, Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa who has done a great research on this issue.

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