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PhD/DBA in Development Informatics (inc. Scholarship Info.) at Univ. Manchester

The Centre for Development Informatics at the University of Manchester is seeking high-quality PhD and DBA candidates to research topics on ICTs/information systems and socio-economic development. Some scholarships are available for those starting in September 2010; deadline dates vary but many require application before end February or end March 2010.

Only very high-quality candidates will be considered. We are typically looking for those with a distinction-level Masters degree from an internationally-recognised university in an appropriate topic (which includes but is not limited to information systems, management, or development); good English skills; and a relevant topic for study backed by a proposal that demonstrates an ability to work with academic theory.

Candidates may choose to study a PhD, for which they will typically be based in Manchester during much of their study, other than a period of fieldwork in a developing country. Those already in employment may choose the DBA route, taken over a four-or-five-year period and requiring roughly two two-week periods of intensive study/supervision per year in Manchester. (Scholarships are not available for DBA study.)

Selected candidates will join the Centre for Development Informatics, the largest academic group working on issues of ICTs in developing countries. CDI will consider any topic related to development informatics although we have particular priorities at present for work on: m-finance; ICTs and small/micro-enterprise; gender implications of ICTs; IS methodologies in developing countries; e-government; ICTs and civil society organisations; ICT policy; and ICT-based offshoring.

Further details about application and scholarships can be found at:

Richard Heeks & Brian Nicholson
Centre for Development Informatics
University of Manchester, UK


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