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Archive | December, 2009

Mwizenge Tembo – Dec 26,2009

Dr. Mwizenge discusses Zambian Foods and dances. “Nshima and Ndiwo are the Most Important Pair of Staple Foods among Zambians in Southern Africa. Music and dance are perhaps the most universal of the creative nature of humans. Rural traditional people of Zambia are no exception.”

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The Dacade – Dec 26,2009

Ten events that changed the way we look at life, live and do business. What were the big issues of the decade in Zambia and around the world. A 10-dose of reality. What terrorism, war, boom and bust, business and political scandals, life and death taught us. The big issues.

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Paul Bupe – Dec 19,2009

Rev. Bupe is a researcher & author who has published and recorded on the topic of the Plight of Widows. He will talk to us about “Sexual Cleansing” rituals in some parts of Zambia. What is sexual cleansing? Who practice this rituals? What meaning behind this tradition? Should non-Zambian spouses of Zambian be concerned or […]

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Anita Bakanda – Dec 12,2009

South Africa based Zambian-born Gospel song bird, Anita Bakanda whose solo album Celebrate, has taken the Airwaves of Southern Africa, comes to Diapora Voice to share her passion and music. Samuel Ngoma of Times of Zambia wrote: ZNBC television, TBN and Christian voice have obliged fittingly by playing the cheerful anthem several times over.

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