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BarCamp Lusaka

BarCamp Lusaka is gathering of people with the passion, creativity and excitement for all things geeky to connect with each other and exchange their knowledge.

BarCamp Lusaka is a free event. Please indicate your attendance at the event page so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Event: BarCamp Lusaka “State of The Nation Online: Content, Design, Standards”
What: Informational Meeting
Start Time: 19 December at 09:00
End Time: 19 December at 16:00
Where: Long Acres Lodge, Lusaka

To see more details and RSVP, please visit the event page.

Suggested Agenda

There will be keynote presentation and then many breakout sessions running parallel.

  • Google’s workshop sessions :
    • Google Geo Tools  : Our effort to Map africa on Google maps is based on the premise that this will provide a great platform to create local content.  This session will be focus on using our Map API to integrate location based service in website but will also be about using MapMaker to help improve the maps of Zambia.
    • Google AppEngine : a session on this very useful plateform that allows developer to leverage Google infrastructure and deploy application that can immediately scale to millions of users.
    • We can also present on more general topics such as  : Cloud computing, Monetizing local content, …etc
  • Other presentations suggestions :
    • Most technologies usefuls to go online can be self-learned but taking people through 101 session will jumpstart the learning process. think about Python 101,
    • web entrepreneurs and successful ones too. Sharing your experience is a great way to build developer’s enthusiasm. one or two Keynotes on this.
    • Developers will be shy if the barcamp culture is new around. And some keynote speaker will be quite intimidated to add to to this. So they might tend to just en listen. Scheduling an open session where people can have the floor for 15 mn presentation of their work has proved a good way to get them to share.

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