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Dean’s Hill View Lodge

Looking for camping and chalet accommodation in Chipata? Look no further than Dean’s Hill View Lodge. Relax in the Chipata Hills, on the outskirts of town, in secluded surroundings with lovely views. The Malawi Border is 25km to the East. Buses to Lusaka leave daily. Transport from the town to the spectacular Luangwa Game Park is available. The accommodation has been open for approximately 3 years but Dean’s Hill View Lodge has chalets with rooms for your individual needs, shower units, flush toilets, a dining room and a well equiped kitchen.


  • Hot Showers & Food
  • Cold Beer and Drinks
  • Twin Rooms & Camping


  • Prices are Chalets $10 per person per night .
  • Camping 5$ per person per night.
  • Breakfast is $3 to $4
  • Supper is $6


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