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Richard Mbewe – Nov 14,2009

Professor Richard Mbewe Live! One of Diaspora Voice most recognized voice and well known respected Economics will discuss Chinese investments in Africa in light of the just ended Africa-China Economic Summit in Egypt. Looking at the following basic points of view: 1. Is this the start of a recolonization of Africa? 2. Should specific countries have a strategy in relationships with China? 3. How can Africa leverage this massive help to its advantage? 4. Zambia is listed as one of the major suppliers to the Chinese economy – are we benefitting? 5. Zambians are on the record for having openly defied the Chinese. What precedence does this send to other African countries? 6. Why are the Chinese on the other hand received with open hands in Africa? 7. Is the West (especially international financial institutions) going to change its attitude towards Africa? . You are invited to participate in this stimulating and thought provoking informative topic.

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