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Government Uncovers Plot: What Plot?

Lameck Mangani’s recent claim that the government has unearthed a scheme in which some prominent Zambians and some diplomats accredited to Zambia are conspiring to destabilize Zambia is a scam and an embarrassment to the people of Zambia.

Such a claim tells us volumes about the caliber of some the current crop of government leaders. It is a clear depiction of the shallowness of some of our leaders.

The allegation that some diplomats accredited to Zambia are conspiring with citizens to destabilize the country is a very serious matter. It would be understandable if it was an MMD riff-raff who had made such an allegation, not a government Minister responsible for Home Affairs, even if such an allegation had any merit at all.

What Zambians expect from the Minister—and other Ministers as a matter of fact–is to get the police and other investigative organs of the government to investigate his suspicions thoroughly. If the findings of such an investigation confirm his suspicions, the government can seek to prosecute Zambian citizens involved in the alleged plot through the existing legal channels. And rather than rushing to the media to castigate the diplomats, a sensible government would logically write to the home governments of the diplomats involved for their action if their diplomats are found to be wanting.

It is not in the interest of any one for the Minister to unashamedly alarm the nation with unfounded allegations of a conspiracy to destabilize the country. If there is any truth to his allegations, why can’t he name the individuals involved?

Making such a serious claim without naming the culprits can only lead to rumor-mongering and mistrust among the citizenry. President Rupiah Banda needs to caution his Ministers against making such reckless allegations. If they do not have anything important to tell the people, they would do well just to shut up than to continue to embarrass us.

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