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Ronnie Shikapwasha-I – Jul 18,2009

We very excited to have this rare opportunity of talking to Hon. Ronnie Shikapwasha, a true Zambian with great distinctions in his service to the Zambian people. His has served in the Air Force as Pilot, rising to the rank of Lt. General and finally becoming the Air Force Commander in 1991, he also served as a diplomat during the Kaunda era. Was elected Member of Parliament for Keembe Constituency in 2003 and has since served as Minister of Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs and now Minister of Broadcasting & Information Services. Above all, his strong faith in the Living God and his desire to live according to Scriptures sets him apart. He comes to us for a candid talk. This is not just a Question & Answer type of show. Our Chief Government Spokesman has cleared his calendar so he can listen to what you, our listeners, have to say, and we can hear him concerning the Government Vision for Sustainable Development in Zambia.

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