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SEPA – Jun 13,2009

A Journey begins with one step……..many may start a marathon, with challenges along the way, few finish at the top! Save the Environment and People Agency (SEPA), is one of the few NGO’s stationed in Zambezi, North Western Province of Zambia with a vision to improve the lot of men and women, including orphans and vulnerable of children through activities that empower them. Today we have the priviledge to talk to Mailes Zulu Mukezu one of the founders and the Executive Director of SEPA. She will walk us along the journey. Mailes believes there is a link between saving the environment and empowering people through local initiatives. Her advocacy work on the environment and issues affecting people in Zambezi district has been an inspiration to many people. She has represented SEPA at both local and international fora. Last year she was named Woman of the Year by Radio Phoenix of Zambia for her dedication to elevating the lives of men and women including children in the District.

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