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Clement Mugala – Jun 13,2009

Should Zambians in the Diaspora be investing in their mother country? What opportunities are currently obtaining in Zambia? Like most of us in the Diaspora, at one time or another we have attempted to invest in projects that we thought could bring some semblance of development. Most of us, of course, started investing in projects with our family members or friends with disastrous results. Based on such experiences, we have become dischanted about developmental prospects in our motherland. Hold that thought… hope is not yet lost! Zambians in the Diaspora are at the cross-roads of steering developmental efforts in our country. Over the past few decades, we have amassed resources (human capital as well as financial) which if properly channeled, can help augment what is already happening on the ground. Clement Mugala who is the Founder and Director of Trace Aid Program, is a firm believer in the philosophy of thinking globally, but investing locally. He demonstrates this principle through what he does/is doing in Zambia. He is currently at ground zero, consulting with various organizations on best business practices. Endowed with vast experience and knowledge of the business sector of Zambia, he will give us unbiased analysis of business opportunities for both individuals and organizations.

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