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Archive | June, 2009

The President’s Press Conference

This Press Release is intended to provide a few comments and observations on President Rupiah Banda’s speech presented during his Press Conference on June 24, 2009 at State House. *Cost-Cutting Measures*: President Banda has revealed that 50% of government’s domestic revenues are spent on 1% of the population, including Ministers, the civil police and soldiers, and wondered how provision […]

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Bernard Mweseka – Jun 27,2009

Please, join us celebrate Bernard Mweseka’s winning of the 2009 UK Pharmacy Manager of the Year Award. Last year he came second. We are proud of Bernard’s achievements. Bernard will join us on the show to discuss his rise from his humble upbringing in Zambezi to being the world class Pharmacist.

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Given Lubinda – Jun 27,2009

Hon. Lubinda will be the guest of our show. He will the fourth high ranking member of PF to appear on this show. He is the Chairman for Information & Publicity (Spokesman) for the opposition Patriotic Front in Zambia. He is also a Member of Parliament for Kabwata Constituency in Lusaka and the President of […]

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Nedson Nzowa – Jun 20,2009

What do you want to know about Zambia? This is an open forum with Hon. Nzowa, a native of Ndola and a former trade unionist, MP, deputy Minister of Tourism, Environment & Natural Resources and currently deputy High Commissioner for Zambia in Ottawa, Canada. He will answer questions from all callers.

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Charles Kapungwe – Jun 20,2009

Charles Kapungwe, a class of 2008 masters program graduate of St. Joseph College in Portland, ME and Nelson Daka, a native of Kitwe, Zambia who recently returned from UK will discuss transportation issues in Zambia. John Crockett, a British Volunteer in Zambia wrote: “The richest organizations and tourists avoid the roads altogether, opting to fly […]

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Clement Mugala – Jun 13,2009

Should Zambians in the Diaspora be investing in their mother country? What opportunities are currently obtaining in Zambia? Like most of us in the Diaspora, at one time or another we have attempted to invest in projects that we thought could bring some semblance of development. Most of us, of course, started investing in projects […]

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