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I Have a Dream for Zambia

There is something wrong in Zambia. When you look at the political landscape in our country, it is full of infighting, betrayals, and corruption. When you look at the civil service, it is difficulty to find civility in the people who are supposed to be servant leaders.

My inspiration stems from the fact that if I do not speak out, my conscious will haunt me. I am speaking as a voice to the voiceless, a beacon to the lost and a pavement for the weary. I have three children and I want to make sure they find a better Zambia when they grow. There are two major problems. The first is greed on the part of some (not everyone) leaders. The second problem is misplaced priorities. I feel that people are doing things for Zambia without any plan or priority. I don't think Zambia needs more hearses than it needs properly paid mortuary attendants. Nor does it need mobile hospitals anymore than it needs properly furnished and serviced hospitals with well trained and paid doctors and nurses.

I will endorse the mobile hospital idea if someone assures me that once we purchase these hospitals, then no minister, no judge, or any VIP will ever be flown to South Africa for emergency treatment. It is a shame that they can afford to be treated abroad on government expenditure while the rest of us languish in dirty hall ways at UTH. It is wrong. Zambians don't need mobile hospitals please. By the way, if I ever fall sick don't evacuate me to South Africa. I was born in Zambia and I want to die in Zambia. Can you imagine President Barak Obama being flown to Canada or South Africa for medical treatment? Can you imagine Hilary Clinton being flown to Brazil for medical treatment?

Am I angry? Yes I am and I am not ashamed to be. I know there are good leaders out there. Many of whom have served and are serving this country well. My quam today is that there are not a lot of good Zambians speaking up. We are all too timid. Too scared about what people will say. We care only about us. But someone has to care about this nation or else there won't be a proud nation to speak about.

Edmund Burke the Irish political philosopher once said "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." There are many people who can make good politicians, too many people who can be better business men and women. But hey, what is enterprise and creativity when you are timid? I want to leave you with something I wrote in June of 2001. In the meantime, if you are doing nothing about something, then you have no right to say anything about everything.

"I have a dream that one-day Zambia shall be able to stand tall and high with its head lifted up to the sky. Zambia shall be able to say one day; 'we have had enough of bad days. Its time to change our ways.' I have a dream that Zambia shall one day develop patriotic leaders of integrity and faith. Leaders full of zeal and zest. I have a dream that Zambians shall sing of Zambia as a proud nation without reservation. I know the process will be hard. But I also know that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going. I know there is pain in the land but there is gain in love; in faith and in true statesmanship.

"I have a dream that Zambians all over the world will sing the national anthem with dignity and victory. Victory from our struggles, Victory from economic hardships, Victory from betrayal, Victory from the people who have short-changed us. I know that we shall one day sit down in unity. We shall be united beyond our creeds and doctrines. I believe that our unity will bring synergy to conquer our common problem. We shall transcend all economic barriers. I have a dream. I trust that Zambia will one day discover who her real enemy is. It will one day know that apathy is the fuel of poverty. I know that poverty has been the face of this problem, but self-doubt has been its soul; self-destruction its feet; and selfishness its heart.

"Zambia has been plagued by a contagious lack of self-belief. But the hour is coming and has now come, for Zambians to look within. Time has come for Zambians to trust its own. Forgiveness and forgetfulness are key. For there is no progress if people hurt. We will drive out all foolishness and naiveté. Never trust an enemy. I have a dream, I have a dream that Zambians shall take responsibility for the errors and problems of Zambia. If we don't then who will?

"I have a dream. I have a dream that our children will not be ashamed of us as we are of our some of our forefathers. I have a dream that from now on; it's forward ever and backwards never. I have a dream that we shall restore dignity and honor to mother Zambia. Glory and power shall be our gift to her. I have a dream that we won't give her less than what she deserves. Let the journey now begin. March to your destiny with pride, loyalty and honor. Let all your enemies know that you have a will and a plan. Let them know that you intend to utilize all your possessions. Go out there and do no injustice to anyone. May your name be remembered as the person who brought restoration to their country and community. And I know that God almighty will not let you down. He has a divine obligation to finish what he has started in you. Go. Go. Go. Go. I have a dream. I have a dream. I have a dream."

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