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The 7 Principles of Leadership

Before I outline the seven principles, I want to make an appeal to Zambians living abroad. I realise that this newsletter is read in over 100 countries. I know that 50% of the readers are Zambians who are both in Zambia (30%) and overseas (20%).

If you are Zambian and you live abroad and you are scared of coming home, I say come now. If you are having fun and you are making money and you have all the good things going for you, then don't bother coming. But if you are struggling out there, or might even be doing well but you are sad and wish you were home, I say come. The longer you stay out there, the more expensive things get back here and the harder it will be for you to come back and rejoin the success ladder. People here are doing well. They are driving, have built homes, are managers and are successful. Come home and rebuild your nation.

Here are the seven principles:

Principle # 1

MAKE A MARK: – This world is but a passing phase of opportunities. Each step we make, the world is saying to you and me "Here I am. Could someone mold me and shape me. Could someone do whatever they please with me." How you answer natures call is up to you. I say to you make a mark. Enjoy the fun things of life. Enjoy the car, the house, the food and all that the world has to offer. But what is more important is the dent you put on the world. What will we remember you for when you are gone?

Principle # 2

DARE TO START: – It is far much easier to talk about what we will do. It's much harder to do it.

Principle # 3

DO THE EXTRA-ORDINARY: – On my schedule today, I was meeting a maid who I had never met before. She got a hold of my number and texted me to ask for knowledge and guidance. So I went with one of my leaders from church. When we arrived, the young lady confessed that she never thought 'Mubita Nawa' would ever go out to meet a maid. She even told me that her boss even teased her that I was not coming. Well, the rest is history. I did the extra ordinary. Your life will remain ordinary if all the buttons you are pressing are ordinary. Press a different button and watch life deliver different results.

Principle # 4

DON'T BURN BRIDGES: – It is said that it is easier to destroy than to build. I pray that no matter how many people have wronged you, never destroy those relationships. I have made mistakes in this area. There are people I told off when I should not have done that. There are fires burning behind me that sometimes I wish I did not ignite. Walk away from the storms of your life without destroying the people in those storms. Life is too short to have enemies everywhere.

Principle # 5

ARISE: – Last Wednesday, I spoke to 30 students at a college in Lusaka. I said to them, "There is a King in you and that king must arise." By the time we were done, the floor was littered with warm tears of new found confidence. It does not matter what has gone under your bridge, just arise. Shine and let people see Gods goodness in you.

Principle # 6

MIND YOUR MANNERS: – Two days ago I was invited to speak in front of very senior government officials, senior country clergy and accomplished citizenry. They wanted me to speak for ten minutes. But I only spoke for two minutes. Do you know why? I mind my manners. Yet my two minutes was so great and so sweet. At the end of my time, people were running after me to get my number. Never overdo anything. Mind your manners and never embarrass yourself.

Principle # 7

DON'T SETTLE: – Everything in your past represents something. Unfortunately, everything in your past must remain there. Your mistakes and successes must never be momentous. Use them only as a reminder of how far you have come. Too many people are content with their past successes and have never done better than their past. There is more in you. Don't settle.

CONCLUSION: It is all up to you. For God's sake just do it.

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