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Open Source Try Out Party

The OpenSourceZambia group is hosting a party and you are invited. That’s right! A party to try out open source software.

The event will be held at the Secretariat, Computer Village at 17:30. (See how to get to Computer Village)

On the party time line or agenda for the eveningĀ are:

  1. Talk about the Secretariat and projects being undertaken and challenges
  2. Upcoming events
  3. Your copy of Knoppix/Ubuntu live CDs. Please come with a blank CD to get a copy of the distribution
  4. Suse Linux
  5. Ubuntu Desktop
  6. OpenOffice/FireFox
  7. A chance to meet and network with peers in the industry

Add your name to the list of attendees by visiting OpenSourceTryOut. If you can’t attend in person, your support by way of joining the OpenSourceZambia online community would be a big pat on the back to the people trying to promote Open Source software in Zambia.

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