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It is Possible…‏

"A poem written by Mubita Nawa this past week; inspired by the events in America. ENJOY IT."

IT IS POSSIBLE- A true life inspired poem by Mubita Nawa

The sky is blue and the wind is still, you wonder to yourself whether to try

You ask your mind if all is right for you to do what you believe in

The truth is often mingled down in disbelief

Well- your conscious is right again

It is possible

It is possible that what you may be thinking of may just be the right thing to do

It is possible that the crevices of life and the smoldering ambers of faith still have a fire in them

It is possible that the bitterness of rejection and the confusion of frustration still have hope in them

It is possible to still love and be loved back with significance and meaning

It is possible to experience what you have never experienced

It is possible still to recover from any fall no matter how deep or how steep

There are some among us who may doubt what is possible

They may question the legitimacy of a second chance

They may even question the sanity of one who has started all over again when there was nothing to go back to……

Indeed sanity is sometimes defined by those who perceive it

Yet from a human point of you, the greatest of all sanity is to believe that it is possible

For to dogmatically conclude that all possibilities in the universe are exhausted is in itself insane

It is possible my brother

It is possible my sister

If it were not possible, then Mandela would still be in jail

If it were not possible then the Jews would still be in the donjons of selfish men

If it were not possible then slaves in America would still be at the very grind of productivity in America

If it were not possible then Zambians would still be buying their meat through a dirty window in the back door of butcheries

If it were not possible women would have no rights and would still be considered second class

If it were not possible, you and I would not be here

I say to you once again, it is possible

It is in your destiny to encounter what is possible

Possible knows no boundaries

Possible knows no fear

Possible knows no limitations

Possible is a dreamer

Possible is a mighty wind of change that sweeps through the soul of humanity until it becomes reality

Possible is powerful

Possible is faith

Possible is spirit

Possible is possible

Possible said yes to Obama

Possible said yes to Winston Churchill

Possible said yes to Margaret Thatcher

Possible said yes to Dr. Kenneth Kaunda

Possible said yes to Wangari Mathai

Possible said to Dr. Ibrahim

Possible said yes to Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Venus and Serena Williams, Jesus Christ, Moses, Joshua, and to you and I

May God bless you as you embrace possible

Possible says yes to you today. Possible says AMEN

It is possible…….
WRITTEN BY MUBITA NAWA Copywrite Mubita Nawa 2009: Contact +2600978117920 Zambia or +270990565512 South Africa


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