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IT Audit Workshop‏

Information Technology is fast becoming a service which most companies are highly dependant on. In order to ensure that IT functions provide a reliable and quality service, appropriate security to Infrastructure and information resources is key to the survival of a company dependent on IT services.

Our IT advisory services unit conducted a survey on utilization of IT audit services in Zambia and our finding indicated that most organisations do not make use of such services.

Security is not a firewall or cryptography or a virus scanner; although, they are all components of a security solution. It is a process that examines and then mitigates the risks that arise from your company’s day-to-day activities

This workshop is designed to equip management staff and other users of IT services with the necessary skills to implement effective IT controls to business processes and procedures. The Workshop will also assist participants understand IT audit processes and benefits to an enterprise. The target group for this workshop are


Audit Mangers, Finance Managers, Accountants, Finance Auditors, IT Auditors, IT Managers, IT Security Officers, Systems Administrators and other staff with IT management responsibilities. The workshop content has been derived from the standards and guidelines provided by ISACA, Institute of Internal Auditors and other international bodies involved in assurance and security management.

Please see the IS Audit Workshop Brochure for more information. 

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