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2009 – Your Year of Wealth Creation

Good evening or good morning ladies and gentlemen. Good day to you.

I realize it's just a few days before Christmas. I wanted to go ahead and share some news with you all. At the same time share some thoughts that have been brewing in my mind. I hope you are as excited as I am.

Never Lose Hope

Just a few hours ago, I was seated in a seat that was both hot and cold. It was hot in the sense that I had been waiting for a major decision by this company regarding my fate. When I say fate I do not mean a bad thing. Just one of those progressive major decisions that people make on your behalf. It was cold in the sense that at one point I had no idea what would happen. So there I sat in limbo somewhat numb to the possibilities.

About five hours before that I had placed a call to this same company just to check if there had been any progress. To tell you the truth, even as I placed that call, I was just doing it for the sake of trying. Then the man said, come by in the afternoon.

And there I was, seated in that chair like a Zombie. Then the verdict came; "Mr. Nawa, we have decided to choose you and you will be the one to provide this service for us."

Everything in me was elated. I was so excited inside me. It felt like a central fuse of a nuclear reactor. Not that I know how that actually feels. But I felt so. Yet on my face, I kept my composure. Never show people that you are desperate. They may take away the little hope you deserve. Human beings can be canny and notorious for draining a container that is already empty.

I kept my cool and my focus. I asked a few questions such as; "When do I start? How will the submissions be made?" You know those window dressing questions you ask to show your client you know what they want.

At that moment, I wished my mother and father where alive. I called my wife a few minutes later. She too was excited because she knows how long we have waited for this moment.

So to you, I say never give up. Keep knocking until that door opens. I know there will be times you will cry more than you will knock. But that in itself is victory. At least you are crying about a door you wish to open rather than celebrate doors that don't even exist. Think about it. (That's a powerful statement by the way)

A Weekend in Livingstone

I spent this past weekend in Livingstone Zambia where I spoke at a business women's event. The title of my message was "Personal Development- Your Journey to a Life of Success." I must confess it was one of my best presentations. It covered three aspects. The first was Financial Management, the second was Strategic Investments, and the third was Networking. I had the best of times. If you would like an MP3 copy of this message please let me know. Also we have a soft copy of the same. We are simply asking you to make a donation to our company and we will send you the message.

I will be back in Livingstone in January for "The Psychology of Women- I have had enough and I need my freedom!" I know it will be another explosive event. Then I am in Kasama the month of January for another Psychology of Women event. If you need to order any of our past messages on CD's or DVD's please let us know.

Transitioning to 2009

I hope you have had a great 2008. I hope you achieved all your goals or at least most of them. From experience, I know that the end of the year is by far the most difficult time for many. It is at these critical moments when regret sets in. I hope you have pampered yourself with great words. There is no need to cry over spilt waters. As for me, I can tell you that 2008 may be my best year ever. I say so not to suggest that I made the most money, or to say I drove the biggest car or even lived in the biggest mansion. Not at all. I say so because 2008 is the year when I BECAME ME. For the first time in my life I was not employed by anyone. I was my own boss by choice. I hired people instead. But above all, I chased my dream and each day I drew closer and closer to who I am supposed to be.

As you transition into 2009, I pray that you can become you. I pray that you may draw closer and closer to who God wants you to be. Becoming YOU may mean praying more, celebrating more, going to school, marrying someone you love or getting a job at a great firm. Whatever it is, become it. If you are supposed to be rich then rich you must be. I say to you that 2009 is the year for you to attain wealth; wealth emotionally, financially, spiritually, physically and socially (you can add to the list).

2009 is your year of wealth creation.



Mentoring Program

We have started mentoring people who want to make money through motivational speaking. So if you are interested in going through a three month program with Mubita Nawa then let us know and we will send you information. Email us back and add your cell so we may call you back regardless of where you are. Motivational speaking is an art and you need to learn it. It is easy and fun and can add some money into your back account. Email

Inspire Children's Academy

As some of your may know, I was the educational coordinator for The Potters House in Dallas Texas for several years. It was in the children's department and had a volunteer staff of over 150 people and served over 500 children per week. I then moved on to Bentonville Arkansas where I was also ordained as Children's Pastor at Christian Life Cathedral under Pastor Terry Baker. There I oversaw all the budgets, activities and even enrolment of children in our program.

I am delighted to announce that with effect from Monday January 12TH, 2009 my wife Nsama and I are opening a leadership school in Lusaka. This leadership school is for children aged 2years to 5years. The name of the school is Inspire Children's Academy- A Leadership School for Children. I am delighted to bring this vision to pass as it will allow parents to leave their children at a school that gives them a peace of mind. The school is situated on Plot Number 4775 Buluwe Road Woodlands Lusaka. (By the way we are hiring qualified staff for the school)

For details call 0955100604, 0968716560, and 0979185690. 


May 2009 be the best year for you and I. I believe in you. You have come a long way and I know you are going further than you think. Blessings and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Lozi Boy, Mubita Nawa.

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