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Zambia’s first Copper Concentrate Logistics System on SharePoint 2007

Christopher Simusokwe reports that his workmate, Masialeti Masialeti,  and he have just finished developing a Copper Concentrate Logistics System on SharePoint 2007. From his blog post, Christopher implemented his solution using SharePoint Lists/ Views dependent on log in credentials and InfoPath Forms that pull their data from the SharePoint list based on specific selection criteria. As a sample scenario of how their implementation has helped the company, the marketing department captures the details of the trucks expected to arrive, only after which, the Security personnel will be able to see the details of the expected trucks and authorize entry. This then allows the truck details on empty weight and on loaded weight to be captured to the same system from the Weighbridge and sealing details confirmed. Only when the weighbridge process has been confirmed, the Security to authorize exit would be able to view the truck details, which they will use for their exit authorization. This piece of a SharePoint system generates various reports by date, by amounts of load, by end users.

If you’re interested in Microsoft technologies definitely check out blogs for Christopher Simusokwe and Masialeti Masialeti.


  1. Besa Kansumba Besa Kansumba January 5, 2009

    From someone that saw the project during its initiation, under construction and finally to completion and then see the ease with which it is being used………technologically guys we (Zed)are getting somewhere..
    Big up guys lets keep up the spirit… never know we might have a silicone valley here too!
    “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence”

  2. Sydney Gondwe Sydney Gondwe January 6, 2009

    Guys… This makes me super proud!! its good to know that something positive is happening in the IT industry and of course the mining sector. Sharepoint is a love of mine and just seeing this brought tears to my eyes!!
    Chris and Masialeti my hat goes off to you!!


    WOW! Fantastic work… this is a brilliant achievement. Well done boys, I’ll get all my friends to read this 🙂 Keep it up

  4. George Mufungulwa George Mufungulwa January 13, 2009

    As one of your former Lecturers in Computer Science, it makes know that my contributions in IT are adding value to industry and society as a whole.

    Keep up the hardworking spirit. I know you are yet to do even more.

  5. Brian Mibenge Brian Mibenge January 13, 2009

    Guys 🙂 this kind of achievement really overwhelms me to convey a feeling of sincere respect and admiration for the accomplishment you have made…Congrates..very proud of you bro, Great exploits awaits you!!!

  6. codezed codezed January 15, 2009

    Kudos again to all. Please keep us posted when the next update is made.

  7. Grieve Chelwa Grieve Chelwa June 4, 2009

    Great Blog Chris. Like what you doing with your career. Aim for the stars!!

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