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Do you Know Your Big Dream?‏

Good afternoon my great friend. I am rushing and I am in between meetings. But I thought I should pose and ask you a very important question.

Do you know what your big dream is? Do you even have a big dream? It is easy for anyone to sit and believe God for that small thing in their lives to be accomplished. But to believe for resources of that BIG DREAM, that is a different ball game.

Yesterday I spent three hours talking to one of Zambia's leading CEO's. She is a remarkable brand in Zambia and she turned her cell phone off for three hours just to sit and talk to me (of course I turned off mine too). In fact, this CEO was in attendance at our recently held IWS ZAMBIA conference.

As we chatted yesterday, I ask her a question, "Why do you live? Why do you work so hard? You are so successful and yet you work so hard. Why?"

She looked at me and said, "Mubita, I am not done yet."

Minutes later, she almost broke into tears, "Mubita give me a piece of paper." I handed her the paper and she began to draw this big dream of hers. She was candid and straightforward all at the same time. She was excited. Her voice quivered. I looked intently as though I were a banker approving a business proposal. It was so powerful. When she finished drawing, explaining and dreaming more, I looked at her and I said, "I understand".  As though she had not heard the first time, I said again maybe to convince myself that I did understand; I said, "I get it now".

What did I get? I got her reason for existence. I understood why she wakes up each morning. I understood why she is so wealthy and successful. I understood why we sat in my office chatting and getting excited about our future.
What about you my friend? What is your big dream? Have you found out what it is or are you just floating around hoping that the next day will be better than the previous? Is there someone in your life or around you who gets it? It is a terrible thing to have a dream that no one gets. The entire world does not have to get it, but someone needs to get it or else your dream will drive you crazy.

I say to you go out there and find your big dream. Until you find your dream, define it and describe it, you will not succeed at changing what you are today into what you must be. I need you to find your big dream and live for it. After all what is life if all your dreams are small? Why wake up in the morning when there is nothing driving you? Why go to bed at night when you have not figured out your Big Dream?

God bless you and thank you.


Monday December 1st, 2008                      
Leadership Training and Team Building Interventions at ZPCT

Saturday  December 6th, 2008
Bread of Life Church Young Adults Ministry Lusaka

Sunday December 7th, 2008
Customer Service and Leadership Training + Change Management Training SMB Investments

Monday December 8th, 2008
A personal visit to my farm in Pemba

9th to 11th December, 2008
Leadership Training in Johannesburg South Africa

Sunday December 14th, 2008
The Psychology of Money Live in Solwezi Zambia at Floriana Executive Lodge- contact Hope 0977339858 0r Pastor Yonkola 0977129646

Friday December 27th, 2008
Youth Conference in Lusaka with Pastor Kangwa (Host)


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