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10 Lessons from the Week from Mubita Nawa

On Saturday November 29th, 2008 International Speaker and Author Mubita Nawa will gather 2000 women at Mulungushi International Conference Center for a one day leadership conference.

The conference is aimed at communicating leadership awareness among women in Zambia and from the southern region of Africa while at the same time promoting the use of self help and positive psychology to impact the lives of women and their families. 

On Friday November 14th, 2008, Mubita will hold a press conference at The Courtyard Hotel in Lusaka to familiarize the media with this leadership program that is revolutionizing Zambia. The press conference will start at 10:00a.m

Four other speakers will speak alongside Mubita on November 29th. These include Mable Mun'gomba Director General of CEEC, Mizinga Melu CEO & MD Stanchart Zambia, Carol White MD DHL and Mable Sissing CEO Palmwood Lodge Lusaka.

To register and to sign up please visit


Come and meet Mubita Nawa at Arcades Shopping Center in Lusaka from 09:00hrs to 14:30hrs this Saturday November 15th. Mubita will host a meet and greet outside Spar Arcades. This is an opportunity for you to bring your family to sample some of Mubita's latest products. He will also be signing his latest book The Roadmap to True Leadership. Other items on sale will be The Psychology of Men, The Psychology of Women, The Psychology of Sex, and The Psychology of Money.

The primary role of this event is to promote the upcoming International Women's Symposium slated for Saturday November 29th. Tickets to this event will be on Sale.
Life is short. Let's make it fun together.


Nathan Nkhama, hosts one of Africa's most sought after motivation speakers, author, trainer and life coach Mubita C. Nawa. This is Mubita's first international interview since relocating to Zambia from the U.S.A. This Saturday November 15th, please join us as we talk to one of Zambia's great sons on Blogtalkradio.
Nathan Nkhama, MA will host Mubita C. Nawa, author of three (3) books available on, Zambia's most sought after trainer, life coach and motivation speaker at 8:00 am New York Time (15:00 hrs Zambian Time). Mubita is a true Zambian who has proved that one does not have to be in America to make it. He surprised his American followers by relocating to Zambia. Mubita will also answer your questions. (Written by Nathan Nkama)

THE 10 THINGS I MASTERED THIS WEEK- from Mubita the Lozi Boy
By all intents and purposes, this has been a very busy week for me. I was in Ndola and Kitwe last week where we held two events. On Friday we had The Psychology of Money (Debut). The house was packed and it was by far one of my best workshops. I was calm and collected and cool as a Cucumber as they say. One of the most fascinating lessons was that nearly 60% of the people who came to that event where repeat-customers. That was really inspiring.

Saturday I hastened to Kitwe where we had the Customer Service and Leadership Training Course (Our flagship course). That was very nice. I have conducted that course for nearly 10 times in 2008 and this was our last one for 2008. Thank God for that. Anyway I can go on and on. Here are the lessons.

  1. Never trust too many people. Select a few and even those you select, make sure they earn it before you grant it.
  2. Make money and make money. This week I have decided to start a new business as a result of my motivational talk in Ndola.
  3. Love yourself more. Spend time with yourself too. You are important. After you have given, who gives to you?
  4. Talk to strangers. If you want to talk to a stranger, just do it. You never know where it may lead. Some of the best people I talked to this week where strangers.
  5. Admit your mistakes. You know what; you can only be in denial for so long. Eventually even the Ostrich has to bring its head up.
  6. Talk to your banker. If your bank account is in a mess, don't run away from your banker, go and negotiate and explain.
  7. Don't do business with fools. Anyone who treats you like a dog is not worth doing business with you. There is a company I will no longer do business with until they pay cash and upfront. My name is Mubita Nawa the Lozi boy and I was not born to be abused by people who have no respect for others. As many people say, only go to places where you are celebrated not where you are tolerated.
  8. Stop Borrowing Money. The best way to lose a friend and trust is when you perpetually borrow money. Organize your life in a way that you will not be dependent on others. Self sufficiency is your destiny my friend.
  9. Fight and Fight on. Don't sit in your chair. Go out there and knock on doors. Go and mail those letters. Ask, seek, and be a pain in someone's backside.
  10. Be Excellent. Whatever you do, try doing it with excellence. Even when you make a mistake, may your mistake be an excellent one. And if you fail or fall, may your failure have glamour and class to it.

I have to go now. I have such a busy weekend and a busy two weeks. I hope to see you at Mulungushi Conference Center in two weeks. This is by far my biggest and best event. We have all kinds of noise around this one. I will be happier when I see you there. Thank you and blessings.

By the way. Pray for me as I travel to South Africa for a key note address in a few days. I spell BUSY with capital F capital U and capital N.

Love always.
The Lozi Boy.

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