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The Zambian Wiki

Earlier this month The Zambian deployed a significant update to the site. Visitors to the site will now see a new section called Wikis. A Wiki allows visitors to add, remove and edit the content allowing for the sharing of knowledge and information that is typically not readily available on the Internet.

The Zambian Wiki is a significant investment in bringing information on Zambia online. Zambian secrets, Zambian information, Zambian reports and Zambian links are just a couple of items that may be shared on a wiki. As another example, in the last few weeks we have worked hard to bring back the listing of Zambian Names. Visitors to the old Zambian site may remember a sparse collection of names. In the last few weeks, we have received contributions from the global Zambian community and as a result the collection of Zambian names has grown significantly. Zambian names are so popular now that a company is trying to offer visitors to the site the ability to have a Zambian name printed on a cup. All this excitement driven from a simple desire to share your love of Zambia.

The Zambian Wiki is a reflection of our vision and drive to bring the best of Zambia online. We hope you’ll join us in sharing Zambia with the world.

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