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Zambian IT Skills Database

Please register on our site so that we can compile a list of Zambians with IT skills. Please provide the following information:

  1. Surname
  2. Other Names
  3. Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr/Prof)
  4. Gender
  5. Organisation
  6. Job Title
  7. Address
  8. Phone
  9. Work
  10. Fax
  11. Email
  12. Highest Education Qualification ( e. g BSc Degree)
  13. Professional Qualifications (e.g. MSCE, CISSP)
  14. Inventions/Patents/Papers
  15. Core Competence/Areas of Specialisation
  16. Years Experience in IT
  17. Membership of other Professional Bodies and class


  1. Anon Anon August 29, 2011

    Is this still open? Where do we register?

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