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Vacancy for position of Coordinator (Head of e-brain Secretariat)

Summary: A vacancy for position of Coordinator (Head of e-brain Secretariat) reporting to National Secretary.

Qualifications: Minimum Diploma in Information and Communication Technologies for development or related discipline

Experience: 3 Years experience in similar environment.

Job Description:

  • Initiate and implement Projects and Programmes that will raise the profile and the growth of the Forum
  • To develop, plan, coordinate and implement programmes and chapters
  • Keep up to date information of the ICT usage in all sectors of development trends
  • In dialogue with key partners, to finalize and implement the 2007 – 2008 strategic plan including the coherent set of activities undertaken by respective partner group with a specific time frame.
  • To facilitate timely implementation of the Thematic activities and interact closely with the Office Manager communicating and informing Thematic Groups
  • Promote e-Brain and liaise with National Policy Makers, Donors, and other key ICT partners, such as NGO- CC and IICD.
  • Project Node and thematic groups coordination
  • Moderation of D-groups
  • Preparation and submission Monthly and Quarterly reports to Management Team and IICD
  • Statutory compliance that PAYE, Personal Levy, NAPSA, Registrar of Society
  • Updating of the e-Brain website
  • Carry out any other duties as assigned by the Management Team
  • Send your CV to and call Milner Makuni for an interview. Milner Makuni is the National Secretary and can be reached at 097 7 788597


  1. Kingstone kanyemba Kingstone kanyemba October 2, 2009

    Iam a zambian citizen aged 31 and based in the united kingdom. I have the following quarifications:Foundation and full Diploma IMIS awarded certificates,Diploma in General Engineering and Technician certificate from NORTEC awarded by the Examination Council of Zambia.Currently, iam persuing my higher Diploma in MIS.

    I worked as an assistant Electrical Engineer under the ministry of Works and Supply. I also worked as It system installation personel under Sargent Plc. Ihave a keen intrest to take up that position.

  2. Kingstone kanyemba Kingstone kanyemba October 2, 2009

    I have a keen interest to take up the position. I ussually work very minimum supervision hence this will lead to the development of the organisationwhich may benefit the country as a whole.

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