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Jobs, Training, Events and more

Other Job Opportunties in Zambia

  1. A South Africa Distributor  ( IT Hardware, Microsoft Sales, etc) based in Zambia would like to recruit a female Hardware Technician. 1-2 Years experience required. Send CV to
  2. A local IT Firm is looking for one Hard Ware/Soft Ware Technician (1-2 years experience in IT vendor industry. Send CV to
  3. A local IT firm is looking for two IT Consultants (2-5 Years experience). Send CV to
  4. Three IT Firms are looking for IT Sales Executive with 2-4 Years experience. Send CV to

Training and Workshops

  1. IT Sales seminar on Friday 15th August,2008. Only 4 places remaining. Contact or 097 7 788597
  2. ICT Seminar in Kabwe on Friday 22nd August, 2008 from 17:00 to 19:00 hrs. e-brain forum of Zambia Central Province Chapter are hosting the seminar.
  3. Cyber Security Workshop in Lusaka from 25-28 August,2008  Sorry Team it may be too late but some of you had already applied
  4. e-Learning Zambia Workshop. Watch the space for details but sometime in September,2008
  5. Engineers Institute of Zambia AGM reminder this monthend
  6. e-brain Thematic Group Meetings- August- September,2008 .. Watch the space for more details. ( Please register either in Technical, Education, Agriculture, e-goverment and health)
  7. CEEC ICT Sector code Committee meeting. Members will be advised on new dates for meeting.
  8. CSZ Professional Development Committee’s IT students Technological Update seminar at Evelyn Hone College on Thursday, 21st August,2008 from 16:00-18:30.
  9. IT Manager’s Round Table has been postponed to 18-19th September,2008. Letters of invitations shall be circulated and the number of interested members was overwealming and only 12 participants can be accomodated.
    N.B Please let us have local ICT events sent to the undersigned so that we are all kept updated and network and share knowledge.

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  1. LUNIA MVULA LUNIA MVULA September 17, 2008

    I am a lady aged 23,looking for a job,i have a diploma in information technology at the copperbelt university.

    Hope to hear from you.

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