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e-Brain Forums of Zambia

The primary e-Brain Forum of Zambia can be accessed at e-Brain Forum of Zambia. However, in response to many requests for support on specific ICT issues and concerns to address certain matters, eBrain Forum of Zambia has established a number of Thematic Groups, each focusing on a particular area (Education, Agriculture, Health, Technical Support, e-Governance), with a primary aim of addressing ICT issues affecting the areas mentioned, as well as providing a platform to interested individuals, members and organisation, to share knowledge and skills, challenges and best practices.

e-Brain has created a focal point for discussion and the sharing of knowledge about each topic for each group on the Dgroups platforms. Once the groups are up and running, details of the activities and outputs of each Thematic Group will be made available on the website, newsletter and any other media.

Membership in any Thematic Group is voluntary and open to all eBrain members, interested individuals and organisations. We encourage all CodeZed readers to get involved and benefit from the community and discussions on themes of:

  1. eGovernance
  2. Technical Support
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Agriculture

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