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8 Ways to Free Your Mind

One of my favorite movies is THE MATRIX. In Chapter 15 in the first matrix, there is a scene where Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, and Morpheus, played by Lawrence Fishburne, have a match up. It is in this scene that Morpheus begins to condition the mind of Neo to believe and to fight like the 'messiah' he is. "I know Ku-nfu" says Neo. "Then show me!" Counters Morpheus.

Today I want to talk about your mind and how you need to free it in order for it to function at its maximum capacity. Your mind is crying out; "Is this all you can do? Drive faster, think faster, be who you were born to be."

Someone once said, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." Here are the eight ways.

Master Your Mind

I have observed that a mind needs a master. It was not born to be 'free' per say. When a mind is too free, it encapsulates so many things that may end up damaging the body in which it resides. The best way to free a mind is to give it boundaries in which it must operate. Boundaries that are noble, good, fulfilling and wherever possible, pure.

Introduce Your Mind to New Things

Mastering a mind does not mean depriving it of all its pursuits. It is flaunting superiority only in terms of ideas. Minds dislike terminal obnoxiousness and prefer eternal bliss. Minds distaste life imprisonments. They would much rather be in an open air field where they can absorb and infect anything that is new and liberating.

Trust Your Mind

There are too many people who believe in other minds except their own. They tell you how brilliant you are but have never said that to their own minds.

Keep Your mind Occupied

Loneliness is a feeling of emptiness. It is a feeling accustomed to all humans. It cripples some more than others. The difference lies in whether we keep our minds busy or empty. At all costs, always find something to think about. If I meet you next time and I ask you, "What are you thinking about?" You must never say "Nothing".

Reward Your Mind

You have heard the saying, "Too much work makes John a dull boy." Was he John or Paul? Anyway, you get my drift.

Find time to get off your horse and take a walk. Find time to slow your row just a little. It is OK to have a good time somewhere. It is OK to watch a movie at the theatres. If you deprive your mind of moderated rewards, it will grind to a halt.

Beware of Stereotyped Minds

Unlock your mind from prejudice. Indeed there are some social phenomenal that demand an opinion. Indeed 1+1=2. But there are times you have to tell your mind 1+1=3. We call that synergy.

Never Judge People

Minds must never be judgmental components that are busy sentencing people to death. They must be instead hallways busy adjudicating amnesty, pardons and sermons of reconciliation. We have enough things dividing and separating us. Allow your mind to be a unifier.

Allow Your Mind to Keep Some Secretes

You do not have to tell everyone what you have done, where you have been and what you always think about. Within your mind, there must be one or two things you must never tell anyone. Don't even tell the priest at the confession box. Only tell them to God and seek His forgiveness. A lot of us broadcast everything we have ever done, said or thought about. In the end, we walk around in humiliation because a great mind likes to keep a secret or two.


You can dress well, smell good and look elegant. Yet what good is all of that if you have a wasting mind. The best thing we can ever do for our lives is to poses a healthy, developing and adventurous mind. Free your mind.

Your friend always,
Mubita C. Nawa

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