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What are You Living for?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. If you think I have been so busy, that is an understatement. I have been extremely busy. I have been in the Capital City Lusaka for the past two weeks. Last week on Friday I rushed to Livingstone to see my wife Nsama. Boy was it great to see that wonderful beautiful lady. I know she often does not want me to talk about her too much in my newsletters but I cannot help it. I have a wonderful wife and I want to tell all of you that I love her and I am truly blessed to know her.

As I made it into Lusaka two nights ago, I placed a call to my sons Pumulo and Sepiso. It was so great to speak with them. They are such wonderful sons. I broke the news to Pumulo and Sepiso that I would not be returning to America to see them for a while. But that they will come and visit us here in Zambia. At the end of the conversation, I asked each one of them what they want to come and find when they visit Zambia. Pumulo said a Basket ball court, Sepiso said a swimming pool, and they both added a football field. You can tell they are energetic boys.

Let me just be sentimental here for a second; I miss my sons. This is the first time they have been away from me for this long. I have not seen them for the past 9 months. I remember many a night when I was still single I would sit by their bed and pray. I would ask God for a great future. There were mornings when I would wake them up to dress them and they would still be half asleep. Then I would cry. One of them would wake up and ask me why I was crying. I would just say because I loved them. This was true. But even more was the fact that I had been through too much with them.

Today as I look at them and speak with them, I can only say PRAISE GOD.

In the next few weeks, I will be in Kitwe, Lusaka, Mfuwe and many other cities. I tell you I am busy. I am living my dreams. I will be away from the people I love most; my family. That is why, last week I dashed to Livingstone to see my wife as we await the birth of our little daughter. I just had to see the candy in my sugar and the candle in my Christmas tree. In the next several weeks and months, I will be running across Africa and Europe spreading a message of empowerment and hope. Just over the past three months, we have touched more lives than we touched in all of the first six months of last year. In the past 9 months alone, we have had more people join our network worldwide than did in the first four years of this organization. We are touching more people internationally each day and are now in nearly 100 countries.

Why do I do this? Why do I live?

For God first. Then for my family. 

My task now is to make sure that by the time those boys land in Zambia, that I will have that swimming pool and that basket ball court and soccer field.  My task is to make sure when my wife says she is "Mrs. Mubita C. Nawa", that the world will say, "Nice to meet you." Quite honestly, I do not need another pair of pants. I do not need any material possesses per say. But what I need is to make sure when my children's time to go to college comes, that they can go to any university they want anywhere in the world without need for scholarships. I want to make sure when my wife wants to visit a friend in Australia, that she can go at a moment's notice. As for me, I have already experienced nearly 90% of my dreams. And I am only 32 years old. I no longer live for me now, I live for others.

What about you my? Who are you living your life for? I hope it is not you. For to do so would be to cheapen the meaning of life. It would be to compromise the premise upon which martyrdom is defined. To do so would be to half a cake  that was already been cut by life itself. From today onwards, live for others (special people in your life). Enjoy yourself as you please. But the greatest of all thrills, is to have dreams that will carry on even after you are gone. Our days on earth are still numbered. But those of our loved ones, must just now begin.

Happy living and know that it is your prayers we covet most.

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