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The Perfect Man; Where to find him!

I received a call from a young lady who needed me to find her 'the perfect man'. This lady was dynamic in nature and was a focused person. She trusted me to get her 'the perfect man'.  Honestly, she is not the only lady who has asked me to find her the perfect man. Sometimes I get tempted to start a dating service. I know so many ladies who are great. I also know some great men.

Is there such a thing as a perfect man?

For the past one month, I have been conducting one-on-one coaching with some of my clients. We have been discussing issues that surround the 'mindset' of a man. Women generally find it easy to talk. But men take a while to 'take off'. As my private coaching sessions with the men proceeded, I discovered that these men where great men. None of them was perfect (not even me), but a lot of them were a few inches away from perfection.

As word went around about these sessions, people outside this company demanded that we have a public event where they can come and listen to this life changing session. As you know my performance gap between conceptualization and realization is narrow. We have put together a live motivational talk called The Psychology of Men. This is a motivational talk designed to motivate the man and the woman he loves. It is a fireside-chat that is honest, intimate and real. For centuries, men have been denied the chance to be expressive. I believe men are some of the gentlest species one can find. They are sensitive and have emotions too.

Finally we have a chance to highlight the issues that affect us as men. We will talk, cry if we must, and we will laugh. We will hug our women and we will let them know publicly that we treasure them. If my private sessions are anything to go by, then this event will be explosive.

We are also inviting the women to come (single or married). Women must understand how a man thinks feels and trusts. This event will also deal with other generic topics such as effective ways to relate to the opposite sex, how to balance the soft, the hard and the neutral side of a man. We will also look at redefining manhood and womanhood. Finally we will examine the issue of personal debt and how to balance that. I believe there is no way you can be effective in life if you have uncontrolled personal debt. This is motivational speaking to a new level.

Does the perfect man exist? No he does not. What exists is men who can become perfect in their thinking. Men who are refined by the many experiences that they have faced. Often these men have learnt life the hard way. There are even some single women who would much rather go out with a married man because some married men have been refined and processed by someone else. Often women who get in between other peoples relationships are women who do not have faith in themselves that they can attract great men. There are also some men who would rather get into a relationship with a married woman. This woman is cultured trained and refined and is the way she is because of the patience of another man. 

I hope you can find time to join us at this event. It will be engaging, interactive and revealing. Come one come all.

Call Moses in Lusaka for tickets. Moses number is 0977696273. Moses is at Arcade's shopping center. Thanks and we will see you in a couple weeks.

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