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Why Visit Livingstone?

Lorenzo Giani of Sun International writes in on the top 10 reasons to visit Livingstone.

  1. 90% of the Victoria Falls are in Zambia.
  2. The Falls are higher on the Zambian side (70m on the Zimbabwe side "Devils Cataract" reaching up to 110m at the Main Falls which is on the Zambian side. (In fact this is the location of the second highest bungi jump in the world)
  3. David Livingstone crept on his hands and knees, to the edge of the Falls and exclaimed "Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by Angels in their flight." Where did he do this? From Livingstone Island – the Zambian Island!
  4. On the Zambian side you can walk over the knife edge bridge a small foot bridge, 30m from the falls were at high water it is possible to view a complete rainbow circle. There is no equivalent on the other side.
  5. Zimbabwe has some good viewing spots but when the river is in flood you are not closer than on the Zambian side. The noise, the spray the thunder this is truly unique. (Why not sleep under the spray of the falls only at Livingstone Island?)
  6. On the Zambian side you can walk to the bottom of the gorge close to the Falls into the boiling point where the Zambian Rafting starts. This is directly below the Falls! And if you are into rafting you start above Rapid Number 1. In Zimbabwe you can only start at Rapid Number 3.
  7. Viewing the Falls from the air; Livingstone Airport is 5 minutes flying from the Falls whereas Victoria Falls airport is 12 minutes from the falls.
  8. The Zambian side offers Lunch on Livingstone island, with the water of the falls rushing over either sides of the island, you can have a Champagne lunch on the edge of the Falls. There is no equivalent in Zimbabwe.
  9. The Zambian Falls has its own curio market and refreshments shop within the entrance to the Royal Livingstone/Zambezi Sun. Whereas on the Zimbabwe side there are only street vendors outside the entrance.
  10. Low water; Zambia has it's advantages, there are pools you can swim in right at the edge of the Falls on the Zambian side, On the Zimbabwe side as it is always high water there is no safe place to swim with either crocodiles or the current to contend with.

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