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Unmerited Favor

In a world where justice must prevail, one wonders what we must do with favor. It is tempting for me to assume that we are all familiar with favor, its implications as well as its efficacy. So for the sake of repetition and emphasis, allow me to state what the word favor means to me.

Favor is an act of kindness that gives preferentiality with the aim of bolstering the overall position of the recipient. It is not my intention to suggest that favor is somewhat a 'pity party' act or a lifeline for the dying, the faint hearted or the despondent. There are times when favor is granted to the strong, the standing and the established. To these people, favor is not a lifeline but an anchor.

The unmerited part of my title must be interpreted directly and translated in the most obvious of ways. In this case, I am referring to undeserved, unwarranted and sometimes unfair favor.

Buscaglia once said "To laugh risks appearing a fool, to love risks rejection, to live risks dying, but the greatest risk, is to risk nothing."

This week, I want to inform you that you are favored. I am here to tell you that there are three things you need to seriously work on:-

  1. Your skill (Technical skill and soft skills)
  2. Your path to success (determining exactly what you want to do in your life and start working your way there)
  3. Unmerited favor (positioning yourself to be liked or moved in a strategic/advantageous position)

Am I in any way suggesting that we do not need skills or capacity development? Not at all. Favor, especially favor that is unmerited, is what you need to keep you successful. In a world where there is so much competition and so much development, how do you ensure that you are chosen first? How do you ensure that you are not passed by?

Favor therefore distinguishes you from the rest. It causes you to have business when everyone else has none. Unmerited favor may not open many doors, but it ensures that those that are open stay open. Those places where there are no doors suddenly attract new doors.

Let me state that this is your year of unmerited favor. You shall receive promotions that are long overdue as well as those that you do not deserve. You shall be invited to sit with kings and queens from afar. You shall be blessed immeasurably far beyond what everyone else gets. Start thinking favor, and I mean unmerited favor. Start enjoying and preparing for more blessings in your life, business, and family. You will be picked first before everyone else. You will be a true leader walking on your roadmap to true leadership.

Thank you for reading and I will talk to you next week.

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