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Created by Design

In architecture, we say "Form follows function." This statement simply means, whatever is, was designed the way it was because of its function.

I have had the privilege of meeting some of you in my meetings. Some of you I have not yet met. Yet if you spent a few minutes with me, you will get an idea what kind of a person I am. I can almost argue that if you read Stand CHAMPIONS frequently, you can say you know me.

Yet I have not always been like this. Growing up in the back streets of Zambia, self esteem was a rare commodity. Confidence was a word I never knew of until I was fourteen. Focus was what you did with the Camera. Joy was a name of a dish washing liquid and purpose was for hunters. Speed was for riders of cars and motorized bikes. Beauty was for actresses and actors. Intelligence was for politicians and wealth for the Indians. Love was a word the preacher used only to describe God.

Am I proud of my upbringing? YES I AM. Are there areas in my childhood where I could have used a better blanket, a better friend, a better school? You bet it.

In the middle of this upbringing, I was a little lost boy who did not know me. I knew where the market place was, where the trash bin was and where my toys where. But I did not know the center of my design. I had no clue who Mubita C. Nawa was. Often as I got into fights, there was always a word that broke my heart; "Mubita why are you like this?" Every time someone asked me those words, I felt as though a hot knife was inserted into my lungs. I felt shame, embarrassment and guilt all in one breath.

By the time I was sixteen, I realized I had missed the purpose of my design. Today some sixteen years later I have demystified my purpose. I finally understand why I am the way I am. I have found a new sense of confidence that I know even if I had to share it with the world, there would still be enough left over for the next two generations. I can finally say, "I know Mubita C. Nawa and I am so in love with him."

Do you know you? Do you understand you for who you are? Or are you one of those people who are busy walking around lost and confused. Could you be overshadowed by the shadows of the people you adore? I say come out of such darkness.

You were created by design and you are the world's greatest. You are too special to be imitated. Be comfortable in your skin. Be crazy about you. Love your songs if you are a singer. Enjoy your own meals if you are a chef. Whatever you do, fall in love with the person behind that work; YOU. No one can love you like you can. No one can make love to you like you can (excuse the analogy). You are it and that is what matters. I hope you get my drift here because I feel like shouting. Somebody better slap me coz I feel some love up in here.

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