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In early 2000 I posted a request for help from Zambian authors and journalists. We were trying to boost the presence of Zambian content on the Internet and knew that we had to partner with our peers in order to achieve this goal. Below is the request that was sent out to various authors and journalists:

Why you should help …

Zambia is a rich and diverse country. Yet, half the world do not know about our undiscovered country. For those that know about Zambia, the country is constantly seen as a third world, AIDS stricken, underdeveloped nation waiting to be the next nation surviving only on IMF and World Bank help. Independence gave us freedom and pride to refer to ourselves as Zambians. So, no matter where we are or who we attempt to become, there’s always something in us that is truly Zambian. This privilege is also an opportunity to change the world view of Zambia. Being Zambian allows you to impact the future of Zambia so that our freedom and pride continue to live on.

How can you help …

We need your help in building the best African website. We need your help in spreading the word of our motherland. Your talents can be used to impact Zambia. Everyday we receive hundreds of requests for more information about Zambia. There’s a thirst for knowledge about Zambia. For example, people want to know about Cherise and her Big Brother experience, James Chamanyazi and his latest album. Each request is an opportunity to reach new clients or to build new relationships. People are constantly looking for Zambian perspectives to various issues. Can you write an article? a poem? a story? a review of a music album or television show? Every single item that you can share about Zambia will definitely be sought after by someone across the globe.

What do you gain …

As a person willing to contribute toward promoting Zambia, we want to ensure that your hard work is constantly recognized. Your contribution automatically entitles you to become part of The Zambian Development Team. Membership to the group gives you exclusive access to various events and galas organized for promoting Zambia. Furthermore, the  articles are published at the Voice of Zambia page and the published material is available for syndication with various international news and journalism organizations.

Next Steps …

If you have an article, picture or idea that you would like to contribute, simply use the Contact Us page or Send Your File directly to us. We hope to hear from you soon and eagerly look forward to your contribution toward the growth and prosperity of Zambia.

Since 2000, the presence of Zambian content on the Internet has grown. A simple search will reveal dozens of websites dedicated to serving a Zambian audience. However, we still believe in the vision that we set out to achieve in 2000. More Zambian content. More Zambian authors. So, even though there are more websites serving up Zambian content we think there’s a lot more that can be done. It’s a simple desire but one that we support through every facet of the site.

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