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Archive | February, 2008

Contribute and Grow

In early 2000 I posted a request for help from Zambian authors and journalists. We were trying to boost the presence of Zambian content on the Internet and knew that we had to partner with our peers in order to achieve this goal. Below is the request that was sent out to various authors and journalists: […]

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Sensitisation and Education through Kunda Arts

When thinking of the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia various images come to mind. Lions. Elephants. Leopards. Trees. Theatre. Theatre? South Luangwa National Park, celebrated for its abundance of wildlife, is now a destination for cultural attractions as well. A small group of actors from the villages surrounding the Park have created a vibrant […]

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Dr. Mooch

Muchanza Akapelwa otherwise known as Dr. Mooch was born in Lusaka, Zambia on July 8th, 1967. This DNA stems from a mom who sang, and a dad who wrote, yet both parents were Teachers and Civil Servants. It is from this backdrop that Dr Mooch has been performing on and off while pursuing other endeavors. […]

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Refugees live in fear of Lightning at Mwange Refugee Camp

Refugees at Mwange Refugee Camp are living in fear of lightning which is a visible electric discharge produced by thunderstorms.Meanwhile, 20 of the 25 Surge Protectors which were put in the camp to protect the refugees from lightening have since collapsed due to termites eating away the unprotected wooden poles used to holding the protectors.Surge […]

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Enock Ilunga - Refugees

Enock Ilunga

The work of Enock Ilunga is an interpretation of his environment, the daily life around him. His work depicts a genuine African scenario mostly treated in a semi-abstract style. Enock’s philosophy is “a work of art is never complete. Art is a continuous struggle of creation and imagination. Some people claim that only the African […]

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The hardest job in the world

Until I became a parent, I didn’t know how challenging it could be. I thought it would be easy, like driving in New York City or getting all my teeth pulled. I thought I would just make the rules — “Don’t forget to tidy your room before going to bed” — and my children would […]

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