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Is AIDS & HIV An Apartheid Upgrade?

On Tuesday September 18th, 2007. The Toronto community radio presenters: Kuthula Matshazi and Shadya Yasin had founder of AfriDAD (a non governmental organisation dealing in development, aid and debt in Africa) Hannilie Zulu, on air.

Hannilie Zulu, who has argued that HIV & AIDS do not exist, has argued that the HIV testing kits, the Elisa and the Western Blot and the PCR do not look for the HI-Virus or anything dangerous in the body. Hannilie, who has argued that though doctors officially call AIDS a packet of more than 60 diseases, it is necessary to call “AIDS” off, by calling a disease like Syphilis for Syphilis, and TB for TB and not AIDS. She has argued that natural traditional food is medicine because the body that also comes from the very soil people destroy with chemicals, needs natural nutrients to nourish itself, and that modified seeds do not have natural nutrients and the chemicals used in modified plants and hybrids cannot be digested in the body without causing pain. Adding that people are dying from poisoning through chlorine water, which causes anaemia. She says people are also dying from aspartame consumption found in almost all soft drinks and packed foods. Adding that benzoate in drinks as preservatives, and mercury in lotion and mercury in vaccines and other dangerous chemicals causes irreversible diseases. She says people must replace the hybrids and modified seeds with traditional seed again to restore health in the earth, humans, plants and animals and stop using chemicals.

Hannilie has argued that AIDS is about separatism just as Apartheid was about separatism. She gives many examples that: Apartheid was introduced for a few to dominate the land, resources and the economy by creating social classes. Whereby AIDS&HIV was introduced for a few to dominate the land, resources and the economy by creating social classes.

She says apartheid was an idea that was turned into many laws for all people, just like AIDS is an idea turned into a sexual disease for all people so they will believe in its existence. AIDS still carries separatism and racism because it is believed that it was made as a biological weapon and affects African people mostly women alone and a few other people with different skin colour. And that some researchers say Africans are more prone to AIDS because Africans are sexually unrestrained, they have sex anywhere, they can’t keep their pants above their waists and that Africans have sex with monkeys. She adds that anyone who has studied wildlife will agree that monkeys cannot be tamed sexually and neither is animal sex found in the African nature and will never be found in Africans.

She says the idea that Africans were monkeys was what introduced apartheid and later turned into racism. Thus apartheid was an idea based on skin separatism as AIDS is an idea based on skin separatism as it is believed by the “educated” that the so called Melanin that makes the skin dark and black produces the virus called HIV. And that it is the reason it is told that black people have HIV because of the Melanin. When every black person learns from his home village that Melanin is the protector of all diseases, and that one can’t get sick because of Melanin. She says: It is sad to note that the world citizen both black and white still suffer illiteracy in an age of information, reason why they repeat the same mistake of thinking the black skin is inhuman.

‘Apartheid blossomed because it had both black and white people working together to uplift its dominion just like AIDS has both blacks and whites working together uplifting its cause to give people drugs. Making AIDS an idea that got itself drugs to experiment and kill people while Apartheid was an idea that got itself weapons to experiment on, and kill people.

Apartheid was local in South Africa AIDS is global. Apartheid separated people, AIDS separates all of us today. Apartheid banned interracial relationships and marriages. AIDS&HIV naturally bans people in fear from interracial marriages and relationships also by pushing mixed relationships and marriages to take HIV tests.

Apartheid had territorial separation. AIDS & HIV bans people from travelling outside Africa. Apartheid banned blacks from educating themselves. AIDS & HIV hinder the Africans from getting an education. Apartheid banned people from using the same toilets. AIDS & HIV does the same in many homes and work places. Apartheid banned people from getting employment. AIDS & HIV does the same thing. Apartheid arrested people for carrying a black skin. AIDS & HIV get people jailed from having it, even when scientists have proven that HIV is not sexually transmitted. Apartheid used weapons to control, dominate, experiment and kill people, AIDS use drugs to control, experiment and kill people. Apartheid was violent while AIDS is silent doing the same job.’

To AfriDAD Hannilie says, ‘The amazing side of AIDS is that during apartheid, fellow black people would stop to help a wounded bleeding person in sympathy, even under fire, but AIDS & HIV does not allow that to happen. Because people fear getting the diseases. Thus people watch their loved ones in hate and helplessness, leaving the loved one to die alone, even blaming them saying: “You were having affairs to be stamped HIV plus. People even stop talking, walking, and eating together with the AIDS stamped person. Africans are worse when it comes to this, they do not sympathise with an HIV stamped person. Instead Africans blindly laugh and point fingers at the person shouting: ” You got too much sex…. and got AIDS…” When in reality we are talking about eugenics at its worst.’

She continues: ‘Just like apartheid was protected by global business and media until later stages when global media decided to bring justice and helped put an end to apartheid, the mainstream media protects business today. And it is worse because global business and mainstream media walk hand in hand working in the same system. Mainstream media defends, the corporate businesses reputation and will call those opposing them anything to put pressure and stop fellow man from defending the world at large.’

‘Journalists and businessmen, even if it means lying about Africa and its politicians, will look for what they call; “dirty little secret” in order to hang anyone opposing big business. Such a person maybe called a prostitute/whore, thief, alcoholic, drug addict, divorced, womaniser, mad or sick and much more. Businessmen and journalists know that the misinformed population will believe their story because they are in the mainstream. Accusing and demonising others is what runs world business and media.’

She adds that when you do proper research on apartheid you may find that AIDS&HIV is an idea that replaced the Apartheid idea. Business had to go on. What could replace guns better than drugs? It is the reason why experts promoting AIDS&HIV earn well and live well. AIDS&HIV is big business for international banks and big pharma. AIDS&HIV is eugenics at its worst. And drug companies would collapse if AIDS&HIV were done away with today, reason why experts won’t come out in the open to tell what AIDS really is. Like any other business, business is war, AIDS business is war, a silent war.Asked if she thinks HIV & AIDS is an upgrade of Aparthied? She says; Why would any sane person volunteer giving pregnant women and newly born babies AZT or any other drugs?

She says it is the very reason Thabo Mbeki is hated in South Africa because Mbeki recognised Aparthied when it came in an upgrade of HIV/AIDS, while the Kenneth Kaunda’s and the Nelson Mandelas did not. Thus Mbeki has protested many times even when “educated” men and women in western and European nations tell him to give his women and newly born babies AZT. Mbeki says, no AZT for pregnant mothers and newly born babies. This outrage drug industries sending the mainstream media against Mbeki. President Mbeki is hated because he preserves life in Africa.

‘If we take a look at how civilisations are taken down, you will notice that it often starts with women. This is how men burnt women and children in the 14th and the 15th century by accusing women of being possessed by spirits and demons and that the women were witches and got thrown into fire and were murdered? In reality the women were wise, they knew how to preserve knowledge, agriculture, natural medicines and everything about life and that there was nothing wrong with these women.

It is the same tactic played by HIV & AIDS activists. Instead of saying the African woman is a witch and needs burning as in the 15th century, AIDS & HIV activists say the African woman is sexual hyperactive and has HIV and she needs drugs. There is no difference just history repeating itself. Without women and children there can be NO life, reason why all respective organisations have armed themselves wisely to take down the African woman and child.

And some people will not understand what I say because they are spiritually, religiously, physically, emotionally attached to AIDS & HIV, thus will not use everyday experience to understand what is really going on. Worse these people have become like their oppressor they want a higher salary, land in order to be landlords, to be the boss so that they will continue oppressing others.’

Hannilie Zulu adds that the year 2012 has been misunderstood and is being taken for granted, and that 2012 has got surprises for all those thinking they must kill and bring destruction to the world, in order for the few chosen ones to inherit the new earth. She says it is all illusion and this can only be proven when we get to 2012.

Article By AfriDAD (Africa Institute on Debt, Aid and Development). AfriDAD was founded by Hannilie Zulu. Hannilie was born in Zambia. She is an author of several books, including: “The Little Bad Guy” ISBN 87-988967-1-7 . She has a diploma in Machine carpentry. Hannilie took her private studies in world politics and economy, during her four year business and administration course in Denmark. The author is a project-coordinator at Zulu Publications in Scandinavia. More information can be viewed about her at African Institute.

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