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Zambian Dictionary

For the longest time, we’ve focussed on using .NET technologies and have been proud to be the first .NET website in Zambia and one of the first in Africa. Unfortunately we don’t have any sources to validate this claim aside from the fact that we were first in line when .NET was released in January of 2002 and had a site up and running in Februrary of 2002.

However, when we first launched the online Zambian dictionary we experimented with PHP and an open source project called Glossword. Sadly this experience did not go well as we had a lot of trouble getting updates from the primary developer of Glossword. This led to an initiative to create a community driven open-source project by asking Zambian developers from around the world to help build an online dictionary for Zambian languages. This failed as well primarily because we failed to communicate our vision for this project.

So, earlier this year we decided to start from a scratch and resorted to creating our own PHP based dictionary – The site has now been launched as a separate domain accessible at Zanglish. Obviously there are more updates on the Zanglish site – but not many people know that the roots of Zanglish are from The Zambian and a new focussed vision that we’ll do everything to put Zambia on the global map and stop at nothing to make sure that Zambia is highly regarded when it comes to availability of online resources.

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