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Today, there are more than 6,912 languages spoken in the world. Out of these languages, Zambia has 70 recorded languages (i.e. Ambo, Aushi, Bemba, Bisa, Chikunda, Cishinga, Cokwe, Gova, Ila, Inamwanga, Iwa, Kabende, Kaonde, Kosa, Kunda, Kwandi, Kwandu, Kwangwa, Lala, Lamba, Lenje, Leya, Lima, Liyuwa, Lozi, Luano, Lucazi, Lumbu, Lunda, Lundwe, Lungu, Luunda, Luvale, Makoma, Mambwe, Mashasha, Mashi, Mbowe, Mbukushu, Mbumi, Mbunda, Mbwela, Mukulu, Mulonga, Ndembu, Ng’umbo, Nkoya, Nsenga, Nyanja, Nyengo, Nyiha, Sala, Seba, Senga, Shanjo, Shila, Simaa, Soli, Subiya, Swaka, Tabwa, Tambo, Toka, Tonga, Totela, Tumbuka, Twa, Unga, Wandya and Yombe).

Yet, if you were to walk into a library, a bookstore or search online resources chances are quite slim that you would actually find a dictionary for a Zambian language. Our language is the very essence of communication and yet living in a global economy we slowly lose touch with this foundation that we inherited.

As a result, a group of people have decided to change this by preserving our language online through a new site called Zanglish. Through a series of e-mails, the developers of the site have expressed a grand vision for the site and with this initial phase, the goal at Zanglish is to change how people learn Zambian languages by offering a free resource to millions of people who have wanted to learn an English word in a Zambian language. Although the site is still being developed, the early signs indicate that the site is on the right track to putting up the first Zambian online dictionary.

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  1. Komani Jim Kaonga Komani Jim Kaonga January 18, 2008

    Please we need to enhence spreading of our language to other parts of the country and the world at village.
    So touched about this failure to do this.


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