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Archive | August, 2007

Reporting e-health challenges for media

Reporting on information communication technologies (ICTs) is not on the agenda of many news rooms in Africa and thus e-health stories are never reported in the mainstream media. Reality Journalists in Africa have not specialised in reporting on ICTs and therefore find e-health, ICT stories to be difficult to follow and cover. Political stories still […]

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How can African Journalists benefit from Web2.0 revolution?

African Journalists need to embrace the new revolution of Web 2.0 tools if they are to catch up in this globalised World. Below find an interview on Web 2.0 with Matongo Maumbi a journalist from Zambia whose blog matongo.blogspot.com Maumbi recently attended an online training focusing on Web2.0 tools organized by PenPlusBytes, the International Institute […]

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VoIP, Is Zambia Ready?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In layman’s terms it simply means transmitting a voice conversation through a computer (data) network.    Much has been said and written about VoIP technology and its impact on traditional phone companies. VoIP technology is one of the greatest   inventions in the technology industry since the internet. In Zambia there […]

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Today, there are more than 6,912 languages spoken in the world. Out of these languages, Zambia has 70 recorded languages (i.e. Ambo, Aushi, Bemba, Bisa, Chikunda, Cishinga, Cokwe, Gova, Ila, Inamwanga, Iwa, Kabende, Kaonde, Kosa, Kunda, Kwandi, Kwandu, Kwangwa, Lala, Lamba, Lenje, Leya, Lima, Liyuwa, Lozi, Luano, Lucazi, Lumbu, Lunda, Lundwe, Lungu, Luunda, Luvale, Makoma, Mambwe, […]

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Don’t wait for the boat, learn to swim

I’ve never been a great swimmer. But I can move around the water fairly well, so well that I often hear encouraging words from people, such as “Good job, Melvin,” “Nice movement, Melvin,” and “Melvin, I think you’re almost ready to get out of the kiddie pool.” I don’t want to brag, but I’m quite […]

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Don’t holler if you find a Zimbabwe dollar

In case you’ve heard of the economic crisis in Zimbabwe and are worried about the millions of people struggling to buy food and other essentials, let me give you some good news. President Robert Mugabe, longtime leader of the southern African nation, has come up with a brilliant solution: He’s going to print more money. […]

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