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Chapter 2.8 : Agriculture

The  National  Agriculture  Information  Service  (NAIS)  is  the  major  information  and communication framework for farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector. However, this channel is limited to radio programmes especially servicing the rural areas. Programmes on TV are proving to be more effective  but  the  limited  coverage  of  the TV  network  across  the  country  has  resulted  in  limited exploitation of the technology. Usage of effective voice communication systems among farmers such as radio phones as a community service has not been exploited. However, it is desirable that TV, Phones and Internet  should  make  an  impact  as  information/communication  channels  among
stakeholders  in the sector. Some of the challenges in integrating ICTs in Agriculture include:

  1. Inadequate channels for information delivery among framers, businesses and policy makers;
  2. Poor  quality  of  existing  infrastructure  and  high  cost  of  ICT  infrastructure rollout  thus limiting access to ICT products and services among stakeholders;
  3. Limited coverage  of  effective  media  tools  like  radio   and   TV   among rural   farming communities coupled with high cost and limited energy (electric) supply to enhance uptake of ICTs;
  4. Inadequate ICT literacy skills  especially in rural areas; and
  5. Lack   of   integrated   approach   in   rollout   of   ICTs,   energy   and   other social   services infrastructure.

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